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First Things First: A 101 Guide to How Pressfolios Works

**This walkthrough is for an older version of the Pressfolios application. For new guides, please see our most recent posts**

Welcome to Pressfolios. Our application allows anyone to easily build and manage an online portfolio of news stories, with every clip safely stored and always close at hand.  

While Pressfolios is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, with every new technology comes a learning curve. In an effort to flatten ours, the following is a basic overview of how Pressfolios works. You can find more detailed walkthroughs under the #HowPressfoliosWorks tag. 

To get started, log into your account


Adding your first story

Upon logging in, you will arrive at your dashboard. To add your first story, simply copy & paste a link into the “Add New Story” form located at the top of page and click the “+” button.


*Tip: If you’d like to edit how a clip appears in your Pressfolio, simply click the “Edit” button. From there you can tweak the details as you see fit. 

More guidance here:  How to Add, Edit and Delete Stories

Creating your first Tag
Tags give you a simple way to label and organize the clips in your Pressfolio. You can fully customize Tags to suit your needs - whether it’s by client, campaign, topic area or other.
To create your first Tag, simply click the “Create New Tag” button on the left side of your dashboard, then choose a title for it and press “Save.” You can now associate any story in your Pressfolio that Tag.

*Tip:  Deleting a Tag will not delete stories from your Pressfolio - it will only delete the association between the stories and the Tag.
More guidance here:  How Tags Work

Setting up your Featured Stories page
As you may have expected, this is the “front page” of your Pressfolio. It’s where visitors to your Pressfolio will land first. You can display up to 12 of your top stories here.
To place clips on your Featured Stories page, click the “Featured” tab on your dashboard (located on the navigation bar, between “Dashboard” and “About”). From there, simply click and drag stories from the left-hand section over to the right. And there you have it - your best clips are now front and center on your Pressfolio.


*Tip:  To rearrange the order of clips on your Featured Stories page, simply click and drag them into a different position.
More guidance here:  Managing which stories appear on your Front Page


Setting up your About Page
The stories are great, but they wouldn’t be here without you. The About Me page is where you can include your bio, contact information, areas of interest, an image or logo, and other information about yourself and your work.
To get started, click “About” on your dashboard navigation bar. From there, you can enter as much (or as little) information about yourself as you would like.


*Tip:  Fields that are not filled in will not appear on your Pressfolio.

Viewing your Pressfolio  
You can view your Pressfolio at anytime by clicking “View Your Pressfolio” in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard navigation bar. 


This is your live Pressfolio. 


And there you have it - a quick rundown of how our service works. For a little more direction, take a look through the #HowPressfoliosWorks tag. If you’ve given that a try, but still need help, feel free to email us at with any questions. You can also contact us via twitter @pressfolios.

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