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FAQ: Why use Pressfolios over WordPress and other website builders?

Unlike WordPress and similar platforms for building a website, Pressfolios is developing a full suite of tools for managing your stories and personal brand. We have designed Pressfolios as a system that serves as a personal repository, a cloud backup service and a website builder all wrapped into one.

Personal repository: We’ve invested a great deal of thought and energy to build an intelligent and intuitive content management system designed specifically for journalists. With Pressfolios, you can easily keep track hundreds of clips - all from one centralized location where you have full control.

Need to find the name of a source from story you wrote two years ago? No problem. We’ve built the Pressfolios repository system so that you can filter, sort and search through your entire body of work without breaking a sweat.

Cloud backup: Whether we like it or not, links have a shelf life. Anyone who has been in the business long enough knows that stories disappear. Sometimes it’s because a news organization goes under; sometimes it’s due to database changes; and sometimes links just expire for no apparent reason.

With Pressfolios, every time you add a link to your repository, we automatically clip a full PDF version for you so that every story is safely stored on our servers and always close at hand.

Website builder: Unlike WordPress and certain other platforms available today, Pressfolios requires absolutely no technical experience to build a beautiful online portfolio for your clips. Updating a Pressfolio takes almost no time at all, and we’re continuously developing new layouts and customization options.

Most importantly, Pressfolios is built to meet the specific needs of journalists - not the general public. WordPress may power millions of websites worldwide, but we can pretty much guarantee they will provide the exact same value to journalists tomorrow as they do today.

At Pressfolios, we’re on a mission to help you take control of your work and personal brand as a journalist, and we’re driving the ball forward every day.

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