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Meet The All-New Pressfolios

Pressfolios helps journalists build, manage and backup an online portfolio of their clips. From day-one of our initial beta launch in May 2012, interest outpaced our wildest expectations - and it hasn’t let up since. 

Today, we are thrilled to introduce the all-new Pressfolios. With the help of amazing early beta testers, we have redesigned and redeveloped our entire application from top to bottom.

Here’s an inside look:

Your Pressfolio

Optimized for the web and mobile, we have redesigned Pressfolios as a single, responsive page with three main sections: Snapshot, Stories, and About You. 



Your snapshot is what appears “above the fold” when someone arrives at your Pressfolio. As billed, it’s a quick “snapshot” of who you are and an introduction to your work. You can even choose your own custom cover image to personalize your Pressfolio. 



Immediately below your Snapshot are your stories, starting with the eight stories you have marked as “Featured” from your Pressfolios dashboard.

From the “View by Section” dropdown, visitors can dig deeper into your portfolio. All stories are displayed in a clean grid layout that is quick and easy to browse, whether you have 25 stories in your Pressfolio or hundreds. 

About You:


The About section is your snapshot’s better half, an expanded view of who you are, what you have done, your specialties and skills - anything you want to share. 

Your Pressfolio Manager



We’ve designed Pressfolios to serve as an safe, intelligent and intuitive personal repository for your entire collection of stories. With Pressfolios, you can easily keep track hundreds of articles - all from one central location where you have complete control.

You can add stories via URL or by uploading PDFs of your work. Every time you copy and paste a link to add a story to your repository, Pressfolios automatically clips a full PDF version for you. This way, every story added to your Pressfolio is safely stored on our cloud servers and always close at hand. 



The “Customize” section is where you can personalize the look of your Pressfolio, starting with your biography.

Remember: the stories are great, but they wouldn’t be here without you. The Biography tab is where you should expand on your experience, interests, skills - you name it - and choose what information appears on your public Pressfolio.

Under the Images tab, you can personalize your Pressfolio with your photo and a cover image. 

On the Domain Name tab, you can set the URL for your Pressfolio. For example:

From the Configure tab, you can choose to display story images on your Pressfolio or to let the content speak for itself with our text-only display option. 

Finally: As we continue developing Pressfolios we are focused on adding new design customizations, layout and theme options. Some of these new features are already in the works and will arrive soon. 


Cloud Backup:


Every story added to your Pressfolio includes a full PDF copy backed up on our servers. With Pressfolios, you will never lose another story again.

Refer a Friend:


We love you - and your friends, too. When you invite a friend or colleague to Pressfolios, they skip the waitlist - and we give you both an additional 5 stories worth of bonus space.


Here are a few Pressfolios to check out for inspiration - or you can just sign up now and see for yourself »

- Rolling Stone SA Columnist: Chris Rodrigues

- Feature Writer: Alex Hannaford

- Writer & Editor: Chris Silva

- Writer & Editor: John Capone

- News Editor: Megan Friedman

- News Editor, Huffington Post BC: Andree Lau

- Writer, Editor & Producer: Beth Shea Palmer

- Business Reporter: Christina Reinwald

- Freelancer: Lisa Granshaw

- Freelancer: Amy Schoenfeld

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